How do you turn your idea into a successful company?

From that artisanal coffee shop in your neighborhood to world-changing companies like Facebook and Google, every company we know started as an idea. What these founders with ideas did better than anyone else, is take the right steps to turn that initial idea into a successful company.

I will help you take those right steps to turn your idea into a successful company. I have had a lot of experience on how to do it right (and even how to do it wrong) and I want to help you turn your ideas into successful companies.

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How I Can Help

Together we will work on what's important for you and your idea to be successful. The key is prioritizing the right things, at the right time.

  • Idea validation
  • Product validation
  • Company formation
  • Investment and venture capital
  • Building a team
  • And a lot more

A Few Accomplishments

I like to work with people who have a passion about creating something meaningful in the world and on things that bring value in people's lives.

“Rutul is someone who has been there done that.
An awesome startup founder who knows the $hit.”

- KD, Founder of Vessel

Bright Funds

I created Bright Funds starting with an idea, built a team, and a venture-backed startup with mission to use technology to bring maximum value to people and organizations working together to build a better world.


I created Usybee to help people who are job seeking to get an edge in competitive job markets.


I was one of the first investors in Vessel and helped the founders with strategic advice on the technology, venture capital and team.

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